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Thanks to mreadsbooks for tagging me! And sorry for taking so long to do this one – I lost the link  -.-; I love, LOVE that this one is so long! They’re so much fun that way. 🙂 On with the tag (finally)!


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heart…books are you currently reading?

The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee | Seeing Evil by Jason Parent | The Boy with Words by C.E. Wilson | Flawless (Pretty Little Liars #2) by Sara Shepard | House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski | The Independent Publisher by Jarrod Jenkins

I’m always reading a lot at once these days, but the ones I’m currently focusing on are Seeing Evil (it’s a RAR that I need done by the 6th of October), Boy with Words (an ARC that I’ve had for a while), and The Thousandth Floor. The others are just what I go back to when I have spare time and don’t feel like reading anything else. Flawless is just tedious at this point and House of Leaves is really complex, but I’m determined to finish!

heart…the last book you finished?

The F#ck It List: #1: The Best Friend by Rae Lynn Blaise

This was… okay, but not really what I usually read. It’s smut and very short and basically PWP, so I wasn’t super thrilled with it. The writing was *okay* so maybe if it had been longer, I would have enjoyed it more. But if you just want a short smut read, this isn’t a bad choice.

The one before it is more appropriate for this blog!

Courage (The Dreughan, #1) by Lena North

Not a great read, but not utterly terrible. Also not in my typical genre, it was a fantasy. The idea was great, the execution only so-so. But it was okay.

heart…favorite book you’ve read this year?

Okay… I can’t pick just one. SO, here we go. My favorite books from this year! (There are a lot!)

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan | The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin | Night Broken by Patricia Briggs | Unveiled by Lysa Daley | Mortality by Kellie Sheridan | This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers | The Dead of Summer by Heather Balog

I guess if I absolutely HAVE to pick one, I’d say This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers. It’s sort of hopeful and heartbreaking all in one. And it was a gift from a super special awesome best friend of mine, so that gives it some extra brownie points!

heart…genre you’ve read most this year?

Hm, I think YA Paranormal takes the cake. I’ve actually read a bit more of a variety than I usually do this year – there were some contemporary, some zombies, some romance and fantasy and urban fantasy – but I think the strongest thread through my Have Read list has been paranormal.


heart…genre you’ve read least this year?

Haha, nonfiction? Smut? Historical fiction? There are a lot of genres I shy away from, honestly, and it’s because I mostly don’t enjoy them (such is the case with nonfiction). I’m not strictly opposed to Historical fiction, but I have a harder time getting into it. I have to be in the right mood, I suppose.

My guilty pleasure… Reign — 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

heart…genre you’d like to read more of?

Horror! I love horror movies, yet I rarely read specifically horror books. Sometimes zombies, often paranormal, but rarely horror. I’m going to fix that this coming month, but I was a little surprised with myself when I realized I hadn’t read much in the way of horror!

Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

heart…how many books have you read this year – and what’s your goal?

I’ve actually surpassed my goal! My Goodreads reading challenge goal was 50 books and I just surpassed it at 52 books! And I’m hopefully not done yet. There are a lot of books I still want to read, so we’ll see what that number ends with. 🙂


heart…last book you bought?


If I Was Your Girl by Mereditch Russo

It came TODAY! I’m so excited for this book – I’ve been eyeing it since I first saw it on Goodreads and I finally just splurged. I’ve heard a couple of different things about it, but I love the cover and the idea of the story, so I’m really hopeful!

heart…book you’re saving up to buy next?

Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marshall | Caraval by Stephanie Garber\

There are a ton that I want, but those are the top two!

heart…how many books you last checked out of the library?

Three. I’ve just switched to a new library (we’ve moved in the last year) and one of their rules is that you’re on probation when you get a new card. So I’m limited to three books until I’ve been proven trustworthy lol.

I miss the U of A library…

heart…book you can’t wait to read?


Ouija by Katharine Turner

It’s kind of silly, but I’m super excited for this because it’s the one that really kicked me into October/Halloween mode.

heart…series you recommend to everyone?

I know this is going to be cliche, but I’m going to say Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

I want to mention that I *would* recommend The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins to most people, but I also know that it’s not for everyone. I personally love it and think that most people should at least give it a shot. But THG is different than HP. It deals with things that maybe younger kids aren’t really equipped to deal with yet. HP does eventually, too, but it did it in such a way that you grew up with the kids and I think that is a little different than THG. And I think that HP is a little milder regardless.

heart…author you’re hoping writes more?

Heather Balog. I loved The Dead of Summer and I really hope that she writes more. She has several adult books, but I wasn’t all that interested in the summaries. Really, I want her to write more YA books, because this one was SO unexpectedly good. Loved it.

Heather Balog

heart…a few books your heart adores?

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater | Divergent by Veronica Roth | Sisters Red by Pearce Jackson | This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers | The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

heart…series’ conclusion that makes you sad?

Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Look, everyone had their issues with Allegiant. I’m not necessarily saying that I didn’t approve of the ending or that I hated the series because of the ending. Instead, I’m saying that it made me sad. It broke my heart. And that’s for two reasons. First, because of what happened (not going to spoil it if you haven’t read it). I’d grown so attached and… yeah. That was just heartbreaking. Second, because it was OVER. I’d devoured these books and it was truly upsetting to know there would be no more. Even if I didn’t like Insurgent and Allegiant all that much. I still hoped that the series might somehow get better again and return to the amazingness that was Divergent.

heart…books on your wish list?

O.O SO MANY BOOKS. OODLES AND OODLES OF BOOKS. Seriously, there are a ton. I’ll list only a few, but know that there are MORE!



…and anyone who wants to do it!

(Also, if you’re doing this, just tag whoever you want – no minimum number for tagging!)

Thanks for making it to the end guys! Hope you have as much fun as I did!


E.C. Orr


The Versatile Blogger Award


Thanks so much to onceuponabookshelf for nominating me! I’ve seen this one floating around and am thrilled to have been tagged! So here we go. 🙂

The Rules:

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7 Different Facts About Me:

  1. Despite my actual age, I am often mistaken for a high school student and it really bugs me sometimes. Everyone tells me to take it as a compliment, but it’s hard when old men hit on you THINKING you’re under 18. O.o
  2. I attended the University of Arizona and double majored in English and Creative Writing. (I actually made the Dean’s List.) We always joked that it was the third most worthless major right behind Art and Philosophy… Ironically enough, these were the other two majors I considered.
  3. I have a ginger cat who yowls like you’re trying to drown him even when you’re only patting him on the head. He goes by a multitude of names, including: Jungle Kitty, Tiger Cat, Kitter Cat, Hobie Cat, and sometimes just Cat. He was found wandering the lake and is a chest cuddler.
  4. I am a horror movie addict. B-grade is my specialty, though I’m loving the new horror movies out these days – The Conjuring is one of my favorites. Sinister is the only one that’s truly frightened me though and I will always love (the original) A Nightmare on Elm Street series (one is a classic, two was terrible, three was surprisingly good, four was okay, five was worthless, and six did better than expected).
  5. My last name on here is that of my Significant Other. We have been together for just over four years now and are talking seriously about getting a ring.
  6. I hate, hate, hate driving. It gives me serious anxiety, especially if there is anyone in the car with me. I can do it, but if I never had to again, I would be a happy camper.
  7. I am a freelance ghostwriter who is usually hired to write smut motorcycle romance novels, which I hate. My personal writing is YA and falls into one of four categories: Paranormal, Horror, Dystopian, or Contemporary. (Sometimes they overlap.) My two main projects are featuring a dying witch girl and a dystopian novel about a girl without fear.

The Nominees (in no particular order):

  1. TeacherofYA (whom I am 99% sure has already been nominated… <.<)
  2. alilovesbooks
  3. jennabrownson
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  15. Hilary @ Songs Wrote My Story

If any of you have already been nominated, I apologize for double-nominating! It just means you are double awesome! And of course, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. 🙂


E.C. Orr


Totally Should’ve Book Tag



Thanks to hermionefowl for tagging me! (I’m doing this instead of work, because I *really* don’t want to work on my current project right now.)

Totally should’ve… NOT gotten a sequel:

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater


Okay, I’m doing the opposite of this one for two reasons. First, I couldn’t think of something that didn’t already have a sequel that I thought really needed one. Second, because there are a few series where I was just like “WHY DID YOU RUIN THIS WITH A SEQUEL?!?!” Complete with all caps and exclamation points.

Of these series, Shiver takes the cake. Why? Because I *so* loved the first one – and completely hated the others. Which is really odd for me. But everything I loved about Shiver – the sweet romance, the need to be human, the desire for connection and to remain one’s self – all of that seemed just *poof* gone in the sequels. The second was tolerable; the third, atrocious.

Totally should’ve… had a spin off series:

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Sisters Red

Because I *loved* these characters so much! Maybe the girls have to be reunited by some evil werewolfy force! Or their children – or whatever! I don’t even care. I just wanted more! (I didn’t list this as needing a sequel just because I think technically it has one, it’s just not with the same characters since these are “fairytale retellings.” So I felt it didn’t count.)

Totally should’ve… ended differently:

The Dead of Summer by Heather Balog

Dead of Summer

Because there was so much I still wanted to know. Was he there? Did he wait? Were they still the same when they met up again? Could it have worked out somehow in the end? I’d have liked to think so, but it would have been nice to know, too.

Totally should’ve… had a TV show:

Unleashed by Nancy Holder


Because a town of werewolves and mysteries and betrayals and loves… C’mon, it’s begging for a TV show! And if you can make The Vampire Diaries awesome, anything is possible!

Totally should’ve… had a film franchise:

Panic by Lauren Oliver


Okay, maybe not *franchise* but I would love to see Panic as a movie. I think it would have a Stand By Me kind of feel to it, don’t you?

Totally should’ve… had one point of view:

Allegiant by Veronica Roth


Because Four just didn’t work for me in this, and I love him. Roth just didn’t sell me on their differing POVs. I understand why she had to do this, but I felt that it would have been better to just have a conclusion as opposed to alternation POVs. They just sounded way too much alike and that got confusing. It is one of the reasons that I disliked Allegiant so much. In fact, it’s one of the main ones.

Totally should’ve… had a cover change:

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones

Because I just snicker whenever I see golden boy’s chest…

Totally should’ve… stopped reading:

The Selection by Kiera Kass


…but I didn’t. I read through book two and everything! And I didn’t really even like it that much, which always confuses me. I did the same thing with the Twilight series until it just made me so angry that I actually wanted to *burn* books. It was a low point for me. This wasn’t quite that bad, but it baffles me as to why I continued to read the series as I really didn’t care for it. Go figure.

Totally should’ve… kept the cover:

Unveiled by Lysa Daley

Because this Unveiled 1 is just so much better than Unveiled 2. More interesting, more unique.

Totally should’ve… not pre-judged:

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Lightning Thief

I think of how long I put this book off and I’m sort of ashamed. I ended up loving this book, even though it was for a younger audience, and I should have really known better. I’m all about mythology and if I’d given this one a try a while ago, I would have been thrilled and probably finished with the series already. Shame on me.

Finally: Tags.

But only if you guys want to. 🙂


E.C. Orr