Book Haul – November


Okay, okay, I know. It’s already DECEMBER and I’m still posting about November? But whatever. I’ve been a little down lately, so November was hard to do much of anything. But better late than never! I’ll get some other posts up, too, when I get the chance, including my new formatting plan for the coming year! (We’ll see how that goes…) For now, here’s my book haul!

I’ve been lucky enough to get NINE BOOKS this month (three came in two different subscription boxes and two were impulse splurges, so it’s been on the high side this month)! They’re in several different genres (though all are YA), and I wanted to take a moment to mention them.

First, contemporary YA:

Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor | Reality Boy by A.S. King

Second, paranormal YA:

Ex-Library edition, Hardcover

Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Third, horror YA:

Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting | The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting | Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting | Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Fourth, sci-fi YA:

Poor quality binding, to be honest. The cover didn’t actually cover the whole book… there’s this little strip where the pages are longer. I don’t think it’ll really matter in the end, but it annoyed me a little.

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Strutskie

Fourth, Wonderland YA:

I got a special edition of this! I’ll show some pictures of what I got in my box a little later, but this one was pretty awesome. 🙂

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

(Sorry, Goodreads was down! I’ll try to update that link later.)

As many of you know, for my Halloween Read-a-Thon (which was a terrible, terrible bust…) I had a whole spooky TBR list. On it happened to be The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting. I’d been on the fence about getting it, but decided to give it a try. Well, I ended up loving it so much that I went hunting for the rest of the series. I figured it was going to cost me a small fortune, but I found all three of them as ex-library copies from the same place for free shipping at $3.97 each! What a steal. And as a bonus, since I bought three, I received a fourth book for free. Since I’d already found the whole Body Finder series and I had to buy from this store to get the discount, I went digging through their stock to find another book I wanted.

I couldn’t find some of the ones I was hoping for (the second book in the Unleashed series was the one I was looking for most), I settled on the second book in the Raised by Wolves series by Barnes. I’d read the first book a while ago and decided I liked it more than I had originally expected. Since I had the chance and found the book here (and it was free), I went ahead and followed through with that one!

I’ve mentioned Fear The Drowning Deep several times now in posts, so I’m sure you’re all aware of how I’ve been absolutely dying to get my hands on it! (I know a couple of people have RAR copies, but I know some of those aren’t supposed to be shared… and I really wanted a physical copy, too.) I found it for a slightly reduced price – regular price is listed as $16.99 and I found it at only $14 – plus free shipping, so I jumped on it. I’m sure if I waited a little longer for it, I’d have found it for a better price, but I was feeling impatient (and a little on the sad side… buying books helps). So splurge it is!

The Abyss Surrounds Us was just sort of an impulse buy. It wasn’t on any of me “need to read this as soon as humanly possible” lists and quite honestly hadn’t shown up on my radar at all until I was dinking around looking for books I needed in my life. They had me sold with pirates, lesbians, and sea monsters. I mean, come. On. How can you not want to read that? So I’m really hoping it’s as good as it sounds.

I’ve already mentioned the books I’ve gotten from my BookCase.Club subscription box this month – Maybe One Day and Reality Boy – so no need for an in depth explanation there. They were both completely random.

The other book subscription box was OwlCrate and it had a wonderland theme. The book was Heartless by Marissa Meyer! I’m actually super excited about this one, because I’ve been eyeing it for a while. In addition to that, it’s a special edition! You can’t find it anywhere else! Woo-hoo! All that aside, I am pretty excited for the book and it’s super pretty. I’ll post pictures of it once I get them off my phone. I’ll show the other neat stuff I got there, too. It was an expensive box, but I think ultimately I enjoyed it more than BookCase.Club and despite the deal, I think I’m going to just forgo the boxes altogether…

Hate to say it, but I’ve spent a LOT of money on books this month. Like, more than I should have… But I make the money, I do the budget, and I want my books. They make me happy. And more to the point, my significant other and I accept that there are just certain things the other needs in their life. Books are mine. Yes, they are expensive. But they are also wonderful – and sort of important to my job, right? Justifications aside, sometimes you just have to splurge.

I won’t have the same chance next month, and probably not the month after, but at least I’ve got some good stuff to tide me over until then.

If I get the chance, I’ll try to take a group picture of everything sometime and put it up on here.


E.C. Orr


Halloween Read-a-Thon via Wonderless Reviews


OMG guys! This is exactly what I need for October! (Okay, not really, because WHERE WILL I FIND THE TIME?! But still. So. Awesome.) It’s a read-a-thon with a Halloween theme for this coming month. How cool is that? The idea is credited to Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews, because she’s just that awesome.

Check out the post here for rules and challenges! Halloween Read-a-Thon


E.C. Orr

Free eBooks

UPDATED 9/26/2016


I’m being lazy right now (well, not really; I’m working right now, so no time for long blog posts!), so I thought I’d do a quick one about free books. Because who doesn’t like free books?

First, places to look for free ebooks (I’m sure there are others, so feel free to list them in the comments below!):

  • Amazon (obviously not all are free, but you can find lots free ones if you look around and there is even a site/app that will look for the free ones for you. If I can find it again, I’ll post it.)
  • Instafreebie (I receive emails for free books from here, so you will have to give them your email and I do get quite a few from them, but it is always for ebook suggestions and they’re all free books.)
  • Google Play Books (like Amazon, you can find good deals, cheap ebooks, or free books. You just have to look around.)
  • ReadForReview (not guaranteed to give you free books, but you can ask for them and you have 2 weeks to post your reviews on Amazon. You do have to give them your email. You can earn points towards an Amazon gift card – but these are HONEST reviews. You do not have to leave a positive review to earn points towards the gift card.)
  • Freebooksy (I signed up via email, however, you don’t need to. You can just peruse their website, too. It lists ebooks that are either free or have gone on sale for free for a limited time. They’re *mostly* through Amazon for Kindle, however, a few are for other platforms also like Nook, Kobo, and Apple.)

Next, a quick list of books I got for free on Amazon (and a quick note as to whether you should get them, too):

  1. A Reluctant Assassin by JC Morrows (Haven’t read it yet. Fantasy. Reviews suggeest it is heavy in romance despite the cover and the summary, but no one has straight up put down the writing. Reviewers have mentioned some lack of character development and that this is a shorter story. Had one reviewer say the formatting was weird, but I haven’t noticed it.)
  2. True Calling by Siobhan Davis (Haven’t read. Dystopian. Several bad reviews claiming poor writing/too much teenage drama. One suggested it was a lame version of the Hunger Games. That being said, the reviews are primarily high and it seems like those who liked Matched would enjoy this one.)
  3. Inborn by Amy Saunders (Haven’t read. About an alien girl hiding on earth with the ability to create portals. Only 9 reviews, most high. Suggest it is slightly confusing, but interesting. Ends on a cliffhanger. Writing is suggested as being pretty good, but with a few errors.)
  4. Shades of Valhalla by Ellis Logan (Haven’t read. Fantasy about Fae and Celtic and Norse mythology. I will definitely be checking this one out. There are only 15 reviews, but the lowest is 3 stars and that’s a mistake with the site. Listed as compelling and fast paced. I hope it lives up to these reviews.)
  5. Entangled by Nikki Jefford (Haven’t read, paranormal romance. Has quite a few reviews, mostly high. The few low ones suggest that they didn’t like the “teen antics” or the language of the novel/how it was written. Suggest that this is less about paranormal stuff and more about teen romance.)
  6. The Breeders by Katie French (Haven’t read yet. Dystopian, focusing on population problems and the need for women to reproduce as there are so few of them. Reviews are high, but several of the lower reviews suggest that the story lacks depth and “consequences” despite the potential darkness for a story like this. I’m on the fence about this one, because it sounds like it could be really good – or really bad.)
  7. Nightfall by E.L. Middleton (I haven’t read it, but wouldn’t recommend it based on reviews mainly because God plays a very strong role and I don’t necessarily care for that in my novels. If this doesn’t bother you, you might like it anyway. It’s a zombie novel.)
  8. All the Dead Arising by Jamie Campbell (This is a novella. Haven’t read it yet. YA Horror. There aren’t any reviews, so it’s difficult to say one way or the other. All the adults are wiped out, the children are left to fend for themselves. Interesting premise, so I’ll check it out. Let me know if anyone else has read this yet.)
  9. Ghost Park by Heather Beck (Novella, horror, haven’t read. Two high reviews saying that it’s really well written and has all kinds of creepy twists and turns. There is one single star review and I’m inclined to trust it more. It claims the book is short and not in the least scary. The reason I think this may be the most indicative review is because the book is only 23 pages. It might still be scary, but it’s doubtful.)
  10. Chosen: Ghost Academy by K. E. O’Connor (Horror, haven’t read, but interesting premise. Ghosts who don’t move on have to struggle through their deaths and deal with leftover problems. It sounds really interesting and the 8 reviews are high to middling – nothing below 3 stars. Will definitely check out.)

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but this post turned into a not so quick post… Anyway, hope you guys enjoy some of these and let me know if any of these are no longer free so that I can make a note of that! I’ve found a lot more than ten, but the post got super long, so I think I’ll just do posts like these every so often to go over the free ones I’ve found.

If any of the links are incorrect or broken, please let me know. Also, if you’ve found free ones yourself, let me know in the comments below!


E.C. Orr

7 Books I’m Dying to Read


I just wanted to do a very quick post about a couple of books that I’ve come across that strike me as real gems. They haven’t come out yet, but I *really* want to check them out! Like now. And it sucks, because it’s too late to find any ARCs (I think, though if anyone can prove me wrong I’ll love you forever), so I’ll just have to wait. And hope I have the spending money to pick them up…


Anyway, here they are! Starting with the ones I am most excited for…

  1. Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh (October 11th, 2016)
  2. Caraval by Stephanie Garber (January 31st, 2017)
  3. The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics (September 27th, 2016)
  4. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco (March 7th, 2017 – okay, maybe there’s still time to find this one floating around…)
  5. Replica by Lauren Oliver (October 4th, 2016)
  6. Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis (April 11th, 2017)
  7. Brightwood by Tania Unsworth (September 27th, 2016)

(Tell me these aren’t some of the prettiest darn covers!)

So what do you guys think? Any books you can’t wait for this year (or next)?


E.C. Orr

September’s Reading Goals

Dear Reader

I mentioned in an earlier post about how many RARs (read for review) I have on my to do list. Since I’ve been pretty busy lately with work and writing (and I’ve been putting them off because I’m scared I won’t like any of them and will end up giving them all bad reviews), I haven’t made much of a dent in that list. So I’ve decided that this shall be my September Goal: To finish my RAR list!

It’s doable, but so much of this depends on how much I enjoy what I’m reading, so I’m really hoping that I like them so I can finish quickly. I have two reasons for wanting to finish my list this month.

First, they’ve been on my to do list for a while and I want to read stuff that’s sitting on my shelf for fun guilt free.

Second, October is coming up. Like fast. And since I’m such a Halloween enthusiast, I really want to spend all of October reading creepy things. I want horror novels and scary movies and candy corn, damnit! That means that I have to finish up the stuff that I *have* to do so that I can read for my personal pleasure instead.

So there you have it. My reading goals are to finish my RAR list (which you can find here). What about you guys? Anyone have reading goals for this month? And I’ll do another post later on, but is anyone else really excited for October/Halloween? Got books lined up for the spookiest month of the year?

Let me know in the comments below!


E.C. Orr

Down to Business: Review Booklist

Dear Reader2

Taking a quick break from my How To series, I wanted to go ahead and make a list of the free books I’ve gotten from authors in exchange for reviews. (There are more, but I’ve already read and reviewed them and marked them as such.) The reason I’m doing this is because I have a TON of them – and I need to really get cracking!

In all fairness, I’ve told every author that requests a review that the wait time is long right now, because I have so many – and so little time to actually read. You would think I have more, and in some respects I do, but I also have a significant other who occasionally wants to see me, a dad to take care of, and the house to clean and organize. It doesn’t sound like a lot sometimes, but it is. You throw my work on top of it and sometimes the last thing I want to do is sit down and read a book – especially one that maybe I’m only half invested in.

That being said, I agreed to read and review these and that’s what I’m going to do! I’m hoping that making a quick list of them here will help keep some of them straight. Because they are many.

*A quick note. These are not all YA. Some are a little confused about their own genre and some are in that nifty transitioning phase between one genre and the next. But I’m going to list them all anyway.

So, on with the list!

  1. The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane by Drea Damara (currently reading)
  2. The Boy with Words by C.E. Wilson (currently reading)
  3. The Unsame Ones by Stephanie Skeem
  4. Rain by India Adams
  5. The Fading Dusk by Melissa Giorgio
  6. The Black Blossom (Healer #2) by C.J. Anya
  7. The Grass Cutter Sword (Healer #3) by C.J. Anya
  8. The Funnyman by Sophia Whittemore

Now, these are books that I have received directly from the authors in exchange for honest reviews, but I’ve also received free books from places like Instafreebie and some from Amazon. I’m not going to list those, because the list above are the ones I *need* to get done. Like now. The others I’ll get to when I have more time.

(I’ll tell you a quick secret: I’m most excited for Fading Dusk, Rain, and the Funnyman. I’m least excited by the Unsame Ones. I always hope that authors prove me right, but also that they prove me wrong and blow me away with an awesome novel! Fingers crossed guys.)

If you have a novel that you’re trying to promote or need some additional reviews, I would be happy to take a look – but be aware of the kind of daunting list above and my tight schedule right now. Also, take a look at my reviews, because I’m 100% honest. If I don’t like your book, you’ll hear about it. I’ll break it down and explain it, but I won’t give you a high rating just because you gave me a free book. That being said, I love reading, appreciate how hard it is to write, and always want new authors to succeed! So if you need a reader, drop me a line.

Thanks for reading guys and wish me luck.


E.C. Orr

2016 Reading List

Dear Reader2

I have come up with a list that will hopefully take me through the year. It shall grow and change as necessary (as I get new books throughout the year, or hear of them). I have high hopes for many of these books – don’t let me down!

If you see something you think is missing on this list, feel free to suggest something! I’m always looking for the next great book. It doesn’t have to be new, and it doesn’t *have* to be in my preferred reading genre (though I’m more likely to get through it relatively quickly if it is). If I’ve read it or have reasons for not wanting to read it, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, to the list it goes.

And without further ado, here we go:

  • Remembrandt by Robin King
  • The Dead of Summer by Heather Balog (Review)
  • Twin Souls by K.A. Poe (Review)
  • NEED by Joelle Charbonneau (Review)
  • This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers (Review)
  • Dead Girls Don’t by Jennifer Shaw Wolf
  • Hysteria by Megan Miranda
  • Where the Truth Lies by Jessica Warman
  • Breathless by Jessica Warman
  • The Lake by Annalisa Grant
  • Uninvited by Sophie Jordan
  • Stellow Project by Shari Becker
  • Croak by Gina Damico
  • Dead is the New Black by Marlene Perez
  • What We Left Behind by Peter Cawdron
  • Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  • Numbers Game by Rebecca Rode
  • The Fearless by Emma Pass
  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyar
  • Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas
  • Dead Girls Don’t by Mags Storey
  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
  • Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver
  • Emerge by Heather Sunseri
  • Recon by Tarah Benner
  • Undertow by Michael Buckley
  • Every Ugly Word by Aimee L. Salter
  • The Institute by Kayla Howarth
  • The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

I’m not reading in any particular order, and those I’ve struck out indicate books I’ve completed. I’ll try to get some links up to these a little later.


E.C. Orr