E.C. Orr is a twenty-something aspiring author with a flare for the dramatic and a taste for the fantastic. She writes mainly in the YA genre, focusing on realism, paranormal, coming-of-age, and the occasional dystopian piece. You won’t find any of her work published as of yet, but she is merely biding her time until she can get her first novel out into the world. Until then, she is a book reader and reviewer, who offers Beta reading for free when she can and for a small fee when she can’t. (Copy-editing is a possibility, too, though that takes too much time to be done for free.)

E.C. is currently working as a freelance ghostwriter. She writes anything from Mail Order Bride to YA Science Fiction. If you would like to acquire some of her services or need more information, feel free to contact her. (Be warned; she’s a busy lady.)

E.C. is a lover of obnoxious cats, too-bright sunshine, a sweltering summer, and winters only because there is nothing to do but stay inside with a hot cup of coffee and write. She loves the types of grandmothers who are straight out of a storybook, who make dinner and insist you stay at the table until everyone’s done. Who bake cookies and cakes and brownies, because you’re not leaving her house without eating something and taking something with you. She loves college roommates because they are many, weird, and often make you realize you are so much more grown up than you thought you were. She loves redheads, freckles, and four leaf clovers.

If you want to know the types of books she loves and would recommend, check over at her recommendation page, because there’s a whole list of them.


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