The US Election

**This has absolutely nothing to do with books. The views expressed in this post are purely mine and, yes, they are political. They revolve around the US presidential election and my personal reactions to it. Feel free to ignore it and I apologize in advanced for those I might offend. But I mean what I say here and cannot deny what I feel. Please be respectful when commenting, agree or disagree.**


I was trying hard to avoid this, because it hurts me deeply. I don’t like talking politics, because it can really get heated and I don’t like arguments. But I needed to say something.

Maybe this isn’t a big deal to you, but I’m stuck in this country. By birth and by a serious lack of resources. And I want to love it – but it’s hard. Hard when the country votes the way it has, and doesn’t even see the problem with that.

This post actually started as a response to another blog post I stumbled across. I was shocked – and a little hurt – to have found it was pro-Trump (or at least tolerant-hopeful-Trump). Although I know that we are all entitled to our opinions, I just couldn’t understand why this person (a woman) would be okay with Trump in presidency.

I still can’t.

A lack of experience doesn’t make a leader. Maybe experience doesn’t either, but Trump? He’s run his own companies into the ground. He’s being investigated for fraud for Trump University. He thinks he’s going to build a wall… because that always works so well… and then he’s going to make someone else pay for it? A country that already has financial problems?

But all of that inexperience aside, all of that stuff maybe I could overlook, but what about the fact that, to him, women are nothing or cows. Minorities are rapists. Muslims are terrorists.

The best I can hope from Trump is that he is ineffectual. Because if he manages to do anything, I don’t think it can be good. Hatred doesn’t breed good, and that’s what comes from Trump. The only thing that appalls me more than the man himself is that over half our country was willing to vote for him.

That *women* voted for him.

No one had to vote for Hillary – there were two other candidates. But all anyone considered were Trump and Hillary. Even though there was another woman on the ballot and another male Republican. Yet everyone seemed to think that it was either Trump or Hillary and to not vote for one, you had to vote for the other.

In the end, I am afraid. Because half of my fellow countrymen have decided that *I* do not count. Half of my countrymen have decided that they would rather have a bigoted, misogynistic, racist, elitist, white-power rich boy in office… than a woman.

It’s hard not to fear that. And it’s hard to not be saddened by it.

I cannot stop Trump from being president. That time has come and gone. But that doesn’t mean I have to embrace him. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with him or go along with him. That doesn’t mean I have to shout his praises or defend his blunders.

Yes, he is my president and yes, I am afraid.

For my loved ones who range from minorities to LGBT to poor to female to many religions that are not Christian.

And for me, too, because I fall into more than one of those above categories.

How can he expect to make a nation great again when he’s started by tearing it apart, pitting us against our neighbors, teaching us to fear them and to hate them? How can he expect to do anything good, when all he’s done is instill a deep sense of paranoia and terror?

I don’t know. All I know is, call me dramatic, but this isn’t good. None of this is good.


E.C. Orr

P.S. Remember how I was talking about apocalyptic genre? Well, this might qualify… At least for the US.

P.P.S. I found the flag for this header online. I claim no rights to it. Should anyone wish I take it down, I will do so immediately. Thanks.


10 thoughts on “The US Election

  1. I agree, completely. And it hurts that so many suburban white women ( a category I hesitatingly belong to) voted for him. I like what Van Jones said on election night (which was also the moment that opened the watershed of tears). This was a whitelash. And I am worried and scared of what is to come.

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    1. I watched him, too. Very compelling and definitely hit on what a lot of people are feeling now. It’s really heartbreaking. I just can’t believe over half pur nation voted him in.


  2. This is why you’ll never see politics on my FB…I did not like either candidate. I chose not to participate in the election (well, that and I’m not registered to vote in MI…I have an absentee ballot from AZ and did not send it in). I couldn’t with good conscience vote for either of them…I couldn’t say I wanted either to run my country.
    I’m more conservative and people don’t agree with my politics. I’m always scared I’ll lose friends over it. So I stay quiet. I’m sorry you are scared…I’m here for you! 😊 I think he will be ineffectual. I really do. I don’t think that will assuage any of your fears, but that’s how I feel. And honestly, I liked another candidate that wasn’t on the ballot. He didn’t get through the primary.
    So I understand your fears and frustration: Trump is a wild card and an unknown. He’s said all sorts of crazy shit. I don’t think he’ll be able to build a wall. My fear mainly stems from the inevitable repeal of the Affordale Care Act: I have (finally) some great health insurance, and though my premiums have risen (and will double in Jan), I don’t think I’ll be able to afford medical insurance anymore. And that upsets me.
    I love you and know we will get through this. One day at a time…

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    1. I know what you mean! I actually never go on FB anymore cause of the politics. And I think you’re right. I think he’ll find that he can’t keep his promises any easier than any other president, but it just saddens me to think that so many people could prefer a racist misogynist to any other candidate. I can understand not voting. I didn’t support Hillary either, because some of her bs came to light too. It just sucks that Trump is who everyone turned to instead.
      Thank you for the support! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what sort of ridiculous shenanigans the next four years will hold.

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  3. I am so sorry about all this. I am not an American but like the rest of the world, we have been following the elections. Needless to say, the results came as a surprise.However, we figured that perhaps the voters had their reasons and knew a different version of him from what was shown in media. Nevertheless, I wish you guys all the best. It shall be well.

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  4. Sorry to hear you are so upset over this. While I was not a Trump supporter (I voted for Jill Stein) I do not see Trump’s victory as all doom and gloom either…

    The mainstream media painted a very black and white picture of this election (Trump = BAD, Hillary = GOOD, end of story.) But it is actually so much more complicated. Many people, women included, had doubts about Hillary because of her many shady activities. Here is a good video


    1. I’m not a Hillary supporter. I, too, preferred Stein. My qualms are not with not voting Hillary per se. My issues are that we would prefer an outspoken racist and sexist (direct quotes from him, not something the media painted up, and I’d like to point out they made a mess of Hillary, too, during the campaign). And we have issues with Hillary’s shady activities, but are okay with Trump’s? That just doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like Hillary had zero decent platforms. So she was a liar – so is Trump. And every other politician. Instead, it felt like we were all just looking for a reason to hate her – and to like him. Because we’d rather have some rich white man in the presidency.

      I appreciate that you’re trying to have a positive outlook, but I think you’re missing the fact that Trump ran a campaign on fear and hatred. He can’t say “just kidding, guys!” now that you’ve been elected and pretend it’s all okay. We saw the real man in the campaign, not this fictitious How A President Should Act character everyone seems to think he’s randomly going to imbue…

      And yes. Of course people had doubts about Hillary. I had doubts about her. She wasn’t significantly women-friendly, she was very conservative, and I disagree with things she’s done in her past. But I haven’t found anything I’ve agreed with from Trump’s past, so I find it difficult to believe that people’s issues with Hillary were enough to vote for Trump – unless they simply would rather have a man than a woman.

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      1. I see your point. But I also disagree that he ran his campaign entirely on hate and fear. While the media played up his more racist and sexist sound bites, there were also hours and hours of speeches in which a very different side was revealed. He has, for example, given support to the LGBTQ community. He has given support to non-whites. He has given support to legal immigration. If those statements would have been showcased, it would have been a much different picture. (But somebody saw them — hence this vote.)

        I did not like either candidate, but this also stresses the duopoly we live in. My vote for Stein was of course, basically worth nothing. It is a much bigger, rigged system than most people realize.

        However, all that being said — I firmly believe we should look for the positive aspects in this man. Dividing and rioting will do no good except to destroy, polarize and makes up vulnerable. I understand that folks are fearful, but I say give him a chance 🙂


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