Review: Gone by Christine Kersey


This was free on Amazon. Listed as a clean YA novel.

So, this book was pretty terrible. It’s not the worst thing I’ve read, but it was pretty bad. Start with the opening paragraph where Morgan TELLS US IMMEDIATELY what is going to happen, then head on to Morgan being an insufferable brat even while the adults ARE DOING THE SAME THING. Then we can move on to how the parallel world in which being overweight is illegal is COMPLETELY ridiculous (not necessarily in premise, but definitely in execution). Then, finally, we get to the absolutely cheesy relationship with Connor, the exaggerated hatred from Lori, and the fact the Morgan KEEPS LYING ABOUT STUFF. *sigh* And I haven’t even touched the actual writing yet, so here I go…

The writing is… poor. Not completely unsalvageable but not very good. There’s too much boring, bland action – she spends forever sleeping on park benches, crawling through tunnels, getting ready for school, and quite frankly, thinking useless things. The dialogue is uninspired, the development of characters is a fail. And in the end, I thought that Morgan learned more from being denied things – like food and insta money – than she ever did by having them, including doing exercise AND playing with her younger siblings/ doing chores to help her overworked mom. If anything, this convinced me that we’re doing a poor job of raising our kids… and part of that is food related, so the book didn’t even succeed in making me feel like this world was criminally insane! Talk about epic fail.

This book was free and it was still too much. Don’t read it, Morgan never stops being a jerk.


E.C. Orr

Book Information:

goneTitle: Gone (Parallel Trilogy, Book 1)
Author: Christine Kersey
Language: English
Approximate Length: 230 pages
Stars: ★☆☆☆☆
I have an ebook version.


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