Watercolor: The Reader


I was dinking around doing some artsy stuff on my day off and decided that I would do the cover of The Reader by M. K. Harkins. (I haven’t read it yet, but I have the e-book!) It’s absolutely beautiful from the tint to the freckles. (I just love freckles. It’s a weakness.) That being said, watercolor is strictly speaking, not my medium. I work better with pencil and on rare occasions colored pencil or pen.

Which is why I’m determined to work with paint! I’m so terrible at it, that I’m going to work hard at getting better until I can (hopefully) do some really awesome things with it! For now, this’ll do. I’ll try harder next time.

The freckles faded! I don’t know if it was the picture flash or just the watercolor drying…

Anyway, I really just wanted to share. Opinions welcome, but be gentle. As I said, this is new(ish) territory for me.

If there are any covers that you’d recommend sketching/painting from, let me know! I find book covers are the easiest to draw for me for some reason – and they encourage me to find new books, which is always a plus.


E.C. Orr


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