Review: The Elite by Kiera Kass


As with the first book, I was less than impressed with the second book. I didn’t have to pay for this one, so I gave it a shot, and should the same happen for the next in the series, I will likely read that as well.

I’m sort of torn about this series, because at times it almost seems like there’s real potential for it to be good – then I read through it and find myself disappointed all over again.

The writing style is good, if simplistic, and the storytelling itself is fine. There’s a good dose of in scene moments as well as summary, so it doesn’t feel like it’s being bogged down – except when it’s the stuff about the dating and the selection, which is unfortunate since that’s the whole point of the story.

So, my main problem is that once again I felt like there wasn’t much happening. By the end, I felt like we were starting to get a peek at some real things, real problems, and I enjoyed that, but I never felt like things were serious. There was a disappointing lack of intensity and once again, I wonder how it’s possible that anyone would recommend this series to people who liked the Hunger Games.

Um, no.

And that doesn’t mean the series (this book) is terrible. It just doesn’t have a lot going on. If you’re looking for a “Bachelor” type of story, centered on romance and dating and the drama that comes about as a result, then this is a story for you. It just wasn’t what *I* was hoping for. Which makes it seem silly that I started reading it at all, but I was expecting that there was more beneath the exterior. I was anticipating that there was real *danger* and there just hasn’t been.

As I mentioned, by the end of The Elite, I felt like there was some real seriousness brewing and I feel like it leads into real promise for the next book, but I just feel like I shouldn’t have to sit through two books to start thinking that this isn’t just a Pretty Pretty Princess game.

Anyway, if I run across book 3 for free, it’ll be the same as this. I’ll read it and hope for the best, but I won’t go out and buy this, not even for a penny plus shipping.


E.C. Orr

Book Information:

the-eliteTitle: The Elite (The Selection #2)
Author: Kiera Kass
ISBN: 0062059963
Language: English
Approximate Length: 336 pages
Stars: ★★☆☆☆
I have an ebook version. (Again, love this cover.)


13 thoughts on “Review: The Elite by Kiera Kass

  1. The second book is probably the worst in the series in my opinion. It felt pretty much like a re hash of the first book and didn’t really seem to move the story on much. Personally I think there just isn’t enough about the rebels and if that side of the plot was developed a bit better it would make for a much more exciting read. I also have issues with MC America, she is possibly one of the most annoying and indecisive characters I’ve ever come across.

    The third book is better (although someone had to convince me to read it) but I’d stick with your plan and only read if you can get it for free. I managed to get most of the series from the library.

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    1. I wanted to know more about the rebels! That was the only really interesting part to me! (Well, one of like two, but still.) And I had the same issues with America. She just gets on my nerves and this one was the worst in that respect. I felt like she was just being sort of ridiculous really. But I’ll give the third one a try at some point when I get the time (it’s definitely not going to take priority). I think the library may have it…

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    1. That’s what I’ve been told! I hope so, because I thought it was rather droll and it made me not interested in going for book three. But I’ll give it a try when I get some time!
      Also, I LOVE your blog title! That is very clever. 🙂

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  2. Ooh, another pic of you! Mysterious.
    Um…I read this series purely as bubble gum for the brain. It won’t get better. America is annoying. And insecure. Maxon is sweet, and Aspen is sweet. It’s unfair that they both like a girl that is so selfish. But I did like her better in the last book.
    Then there’s The Heir. Just jump off a cliff before you consider reading that one. I’ve never read about someone so “into” her parents’ relationship. It’s kind of creepy. And she’s a shrew too, like her mom.
    But if you are reading just for fun, this series was amusing. It’s no great work of literature. It’s “cute.”
    I did like Cass’s The Siren. I would recommend that one,

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    1. Haha, yeah, I’m trying to find one I like enough to leave up… It’s taking some experimentation and I’ll probably end up with the one from Goodreads in the end, but I thought I’d try a few others. Noticed you put one in your post! You take really pretty pictures. 🙂
      Haha, bubble gum for the brain. I love it. And it describes this series so perfectly.
      Ew, creepy familial interest… I read The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane (big disappointment in my opinion) and the 16 or 17 year old nephew kept describing his aunt (just shy of 40, I think, and hello, HIS AUNT) as sexy… It creeped me out a little.
      I was debating The Siren! I really wanted to check it out, but after The Elite I was hesitant to pick up anything else by Kass… but if you say it’s good, I’ll take a look!

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      1. Yeah, The Siren is completely different. Still light but also a more sympathetic and likable character. And I love sirens and mermaids. (I know they aren’t real…but wouldn’t it be cool?)
        All your pics are pretty: the one on Goodreads looks so different from the one where I can see your face! I liked the last one, but this one is nice, too. Both I like better than the Goodreads one, because I now really know what you look like, lol.
        I take HORRIBLE pics. I got lucky after 15 or so…I have a high forehead but will never do bangs again (I had them in middle school and they scarred me for life, as my hair isn’t really naturally straight, and I have to straighten them, and they don’t stay…then you gotta grow em out…). So most pics cut my high forehead in half!
        I also need to do something with my hair. It’s limp and fine. I used to have better hair, but it’s so much thinner now…I used to tease a girl who had very little hair (I used to sing the Chia pet song to her…I know, it was mean), so I think karma caught up to me! 😂

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      2. Haha, my hair is the same and I have a high forehead! I usually have glasses too but I don’t like taking pictures with them on. They always looks funny lol

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  3. this books pays more attention to America’s love life than the real problem. like about the rebels and how bad is the situation. if the book had less of America’s inner battle over Aspen and Maxon and more of the Rebels and Fighting against Clarkson it would have reached the level of the hunger games series.

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    1. Maybe. I definitely think the book would have been better with more meat to it rather than just a bunch of obsessing over Maxon and Aspen, but I don’t know if there was enough there in the actual story (even if you added in more of the rebels) to reach Hunger Games status. I mean, THG had actual stuff going on and while there was romance and frivolous stuff, too, the underlying themes were strong enough to carry it. I just don’t know if I feel like The Selection series ever had that. Not that it doesn’t have some interesting concepts and not that it didn’t have a lot of potential. I just didn’t really get THG vibe that everyone told me I would. Maybe that was half my problem – wrong expectations going in lol.

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