Trying Too Hard via Meg Dowell

A great article on writing and some of the problems aspiring writers encounter! Highly recommend you guys check it out – Meg Dowell always has the best stuff. 🙂

Could you be trying TOO hard?

via 3 Ways You’re Making Writing Harder for Yourself — Novelty Revisions


4 thoughts on “Trying Too Hard via Meg Dowell

    1. Hm, there are a lot of good ones out there! I’m pretty new to WordPress actually, so I’m sure I’m missing a TON, but here are a few of my favorites!

      Meg Dowell @ Novelty Revisions
      Kristen Twardowski who does awesome posts about her writing. She posts publishing contests, updates on her personal progress, and general tips! I highly recommend her blog if you haven’t already wandered over.
      Harrison Frank (I put his blog down because it focuses on getting into freelancing)

      There are a lot more out there and I’ll definitely send them your way if I stumble across some more good ones!

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