Review: Vanishing Girls

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On the one hand, I liked this book. On the other hand, oh my god, why did it not end about two hundred pages ago!?

So, I recently read a book that had a similar twist in the end, which was maybe why I was disappointed with this one. I thought that ending had been so impressively done that I couldn’t help but comare the books and found this one wanting. But it wasn’t a bad book, it just wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for. It wasn’t the book I had hoped for (so Lauren Oliver averages about 50/50 with me it would seem). It felt too long, too jumbled, and just not what I felt as though I’d been promised.

Now, that being said it was good, more or less. The story was complex and woven delicately through several different interconnecting threads, leading ultimately to strange twists of fate. The writing, as always, was good. Oliver has always done well on that front. And the story concept was good. Where I came up short was on execution.

The story was too long and drawn out. We were dropped into the lives of these girls without enough to really get tied to them. It took until about halfway through the book before I was really invested in what was going on, both plot wise and character investment wise. I did really enjoy the scene with Parker in the car, because after the fact it meant so much more and that, strangely enough, was what hit me. I think we should have jumped ahead sooner and ended when Parker got home, but maybe that’s just me. Also, kinda felt the pictures were out of place and gimmicky. And the stuff at the end with the viy (trying to avoid spoilers) seemed a little too… abrupt. Like where the heck had that come from anyway? Definitely not expected.

So, it was okay, but I’d hoped for more. I would recommend it, just be in it for the long haul, okay?


E.C. Orr

Book Information:

Vanishing GirlsTitle: Vanishing Girls
Author: Lauren Oliver
ISBN: 0062224107
Language: English
Approximate Length: 357 pages
Stars: ★★★☆☆
I have a hardback cover.


5 thoughts on “Review: Vanishing Girls

    1. It’s okay and not a bad read, but I thought it was really drawn out. I’d actually recommend We’ll Never Be Apart instead by Emiko Jean, because it’s much shorter and I think more powerful. Vanishing Girls has a more.. . involved(?) plot, but We’ll Never Be Apart was better I thought. Especially if it’s not your typical genre.

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      1. Haha, ironically enough, Delirium was the one I really didn’t care for. It’s always a hit or miss with Oliver for me, but I like her writing even if I don’t care for the story, so I’m willing to check it out anyway.

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