September’s Reading Goals

Dear Reader

I mentioned in an earlier post about how many RARs (read for review) I have on my to do list. Since I’ve been pretty busy lately with work and writing (and I’ve been putting them off because I’m scared I won’t like any of them and will end up giving them all bad reviews), I haven’t made much of a dent in that list. So I’ve decided that this shall be my September Goal: To finish my RAR list!

It’s doable, but so much of this depends on how much I enjoy what I’m reading, so I’m really hoping that I like them so I can finish quickly. I have two reasons for wanting to finish my list this month.

First, they’ve been on my to do list for a while and I want to read stuff that’s sitting on my shelf for fun guilt free.

Second, October is coming up. Like fast. And since I’m such a Halloween enthusiast, I really want to spend all of October reading creepy things. I want horror novels and scary movies and candy corn, damnit! That means that I have to finish up the stuff that I *have* to do so that I can read for my personal pleasure instead.

So there you have it. My reading goals are to finish my RAR list (which you can find here). What about you guys? Anyone have reading goals for this month? And I’ll do another post later on, but is anyone else really excited for October/Halloween? Got books lined up for the spookiest month of the year?

Let me know in the comments below!


E.C. Orr


7 thoughts on “September’s Reading Goals

  1. I have some on NetGalley to take care of, and one on Edelweiss…one on Goodreads…
    At least my library list is going down!
    I’m having a lot to read in my classes already! Good luck with your goals!

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    1. I forgot that you’re back in school! Are you at least reading good stuff or is it all boring textbook work? And all of mine are through Goodreads and they all know that I’m busy, so at least they aren’t upset or anything, but I definitely need to get to it!

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      1. I’m going to have to read A Clockwork Orange, some C.S. Lewis, and some Shakespeare. A LOT of Shakespeare. It should be fun. But I don’t want it to interfere with my recreational reading, you know?

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      2. Yeah, I totally get that. Even if you enjoy what you’re reading for school, it’s still not as fun as the stuff you pick out for yourself. But at least it sounds like you’ve got some good stuff! I have never wanted to read A Clockwork Orange, because my roommate made me watch the movie and I hated it, but it is a classic and a lot of people really love it. And the only things I’ve read by Lewis were the Chronicles of Narnia. But I feel like you’re probably not reading those for class, lol. Shakespeare’s always good though. 🙂

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      3. The Lewis book is called The Hideousness of Things or The Hideous something. It is sci-fi, which you know I love. And ACO? I saw some parts of the movie when I was young and didn’t get it. I figure he’s having us read these books because he’s an old hippie…a lot of the material is from the late ’60s. He’s a cool guy though. And Shakespeare is going to kill me: I’ve already resulted to Sparknotes for help. Though we are doing A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Which is pretty funny so far.

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      4. Haha, hippies are special sometimes. x) And Sci-Fi is good at least! I haven’t heard of that, but hopefully it’s good! I got to read some Sci-Fi in college, but it was a super weird class. I enjoyed a lot of the material though (and we got to watch Alien, which is always awesome). And Sparknotes can really be a lifesaver especially when it comes to Shakespeare. I love him, but the material is so hard sometimes. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a good one though. Sort of easier than the others. I think. Maybe.

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      5. I think maybe too! I hope so. The Bard is notoriously difficult.
        I love reading sci-fi in class…it’s like having a guilty pleasure. I wish more teachers would use it!

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