Guest Post: Music & Allerleiraugh by Chantal Gadrouy

Music & Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadrouy

I never knew authors used music to help them write until I discovered Twilight. I was an early fan of the novels (because all the RobPattz stuff, and the crying girls being slammed into mall doors) back in 2005. I would creep onto Stephanie Meyer’s website on our school computers and read everything she ever shared with her fans back in those days. And then I remember finding “The Playlist.”

I found this to be a real treat because I loved music so much! I never really thought about how a book could have a soundtrack, in a way, however unofficial it may be. I took it upon myself to try to find every single song that I could and arrange it in the same way S. Meyer had supplied on her site – and then quickly re-read the novel with headphones in my ears. It was an experience, to say the least. I started to do with with every book that I could. I even recall reading “Ella Enchanted” to the Peter Pan 2003 soundtrack – and still, to this day, I can’t listen to it without thinking of Ella and her glass shoes and the Prince.

With one novel already under my belt, and a developed soundtrack for “Seven Seeds of Summer,” approaching “Allerleirauh,” I knew I wanted a softer sort of music to tell this story. I started to go through my library, YouTube, iTunes – just searching for soundtracks of movies that I loved – or movies that I knew were either “romantic” or “historical” – and started to put them together.

It can be really influential when writing a novel – to have just the right music playing. It can really make all the difference in the world. A ball scene might feel even more real; a scene of discovered love –  the emotion between a Prince and Princess. Just as soundtracks do in movies, it helps to tell a story; to influence us – the viewer, the reader, in how to feel during a scene (or for books, after the fact.)

The Playlist to “Allerleirauh” is richly full of songs from Dario Marianelli – “Anna Karenina,” and “Jane Eyre.” Ilan Eshkeri’s “The Young Victoria,” Max Richter, Nick Murray (Aeon Album – you should just buy this.) Olafur Arnalds, Roberto Caccipaglia, Dustin O’Halloran, Hans Zimmer and The Cinematic Orchestra. It was a really fun playlist to put together and listen to – daily! I felt it really helped me in developing the tragedy in the Kingdom of Tränen between Aurelia and her father, and the love story between Aurelia and Prince Klaus.

  • “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey had a lot of influence in the novel. It’s probably one of the “main” songs that I listened to as “Allerleirauh” played out.
  • “A Historic Love” from the Tudors Soundtrack was actually a song I used for the few balls in the beginning of the novel. And for Part Two, different scenes between Klaus and Aurelia.
  • “Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling was actually the first song on the “Allerleirauh” playlist. I had just discovered who she was on YouTube, and fell in LOVE with this song. She was a part of my early developing stages of Aurelia and Klaus. While it doesn’t really “fit” the novel – I never had the heart to take it off the list.
  • You might think it’s a bit strange that “Earned it” – a cover of the song, was a influence in the rape scene between the King and Aurelia (yes, be warned, there is a rape scene in this novel) – but the way the song has been covered, really kind of fit that uncomfortable sense as the scene unfolded. You can find a link to the song here: (You might find a new creepy way of hearing this song.)
  • “Transformation” by The Cinematic Orchestra was always a song of hope. Whether it was while Aurelia and Myriah planned for a way of escape, or if it was Aurelia on the Lake with Prince Klaus. This song really captures the hope Aurelia feels; this is what I’d call the “Aurelia song.” It’s only fitting that the song would be called “Transformation” – for all the transforming Aurelia does!
  • “The Earth Prelude” by Ludovico Einaudi was probably one of the songs most played on this playlist. It was more heavily used during Part Two, when Aurelia went to stay in Saarland der Licht with Prince Klaus. The scene at the lake, the times that Klaus came to her door – this was the song really influenced the love between them.
  • “I Understood Something” — “Leaving Home, Coming Home,” “Dance with Me,”  “Someone is Watching,” “Lost in a Maze,”  and “A Birthday Present,” were the songs that I listened to as Klaus broke the news of an arranged marriage, their dinner and the scene of them in the forest – where they shared their first kiss.  (All from the Anna Karenina soundtrack.)
  • “Victoria and Albert” was the way I imagined the novel to end – on a soft and “recovered” note. Things have been played out between Aurelia and the characters around her – and there is a promise of hope and peace – and a future. (Without giving too much away.) Just listen, you’ll hear and understand.

I’ve actually made a playlist for all of you to enjoy as well! So if you’re curious, you can listen to some of the songs (I was able to find some of them) – and enjoy “Allerleirauh” differently the next time you read it! [Link provided below]

Thank you so much for having me today, and I hope you enjoy all the music! Until next time!


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Author: Chantal Gadoury
Type of Publication: Self-published
ISBN: 1522880801
Pages: 232
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About the Author

Chantal GadouryChantal Gadoury is a Young Adult author originally from Muncy, PA. Chantal enjoys painting in her spare time, having a good cup of coffee whenever she gets the chance, and appreciates watching her favorite Disney classics with her loved ones. When she’s not busy crafting or reading, Chantal is dedicated to her family: Mom, sister, and a furry-puppy-brother (and a wonderful father who now lives in heaven). As a 2011 college graduate from Susquehanna University with a degree in Creative Writing, Chantal is proud to finally call herself an author. It is a dream come true!


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