Site Update

Dear Reader

I’m currently trying to work out the layout of my blog here on WordPress, mostly because I am actually a Livejournal fan. (I’ve gone to the dark side and tried Tumblr, but I don’t care how many cookies and cat videos they have, they simply aren’t all that talented at making a “blogging” space. Comment feature, anyone?) I’m still working out the kinks here and as you can see, my header and background, etc. might need a little work.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take a picture of *my* bookshelf soon and use that as my header, but for now, I’ll settle for the generic image I got off the internet from a bookstore (I think Barnes & Noble, but it’s difficult to say now).

That being said, if anyone has any recommendations as far as graphics are concerned, please, feel free to share. I haven’t been in the graphics department for years now and am more than a little rusty. (Does anyone else remember when Photobucket had the best online photo editing out there? Because now it’s terribly lame and I’m always searching for a better site to use. And I’d rather spend money on books than on a graphics program – don’t I have PSP something rather out there somewhere?)

Hopefully, I’ll get the site set up to my liking soon!

Thanks for your patience and bothering to check out my site at all! Very appreciative!


E.C. Orr


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