Review: Reboot by Amy Tintera

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Dear Reader;

I give this book five stars because it was the book I have been waiting for, and I wasn’t expecting it when I picked this one up.

The premise sounded good to me, but I figured it was going to be like most of the YA books regarding dystopian societies and/or zombies: disappointing. These two facets happen to be my favorite genre types (besides werewolves and witches) and that’s what makes me so sad when I read the majority of books in these genres. They never live up to expectations.

Well, this one did and went far beyond them.

Wren is a detached, aloof main character who’s opinion of herself is so biased yet so convincing, we believe it completely right up until the end. At first, you just get tired of her naivete, but it’s so realistic that it grows on you and by the time you’ve finished the book you feel like you’ve seen her in two ways: the way she sees her and the way everyone else does. It’s pretty striking.

The other characters weave in and out of the story, hooking you until you’re invested in just what’s happening to them. Then you add in what they are, what people are trying to make them into, and this (fairly cliche) concept of where they belong in the world/how they can be received, and yeah, it’s a pretty powerful novel.

It’s nice to have a strong female lead character who saves the guy, but is not so strong that she’s without vulnerabilities. And I do love a good story about someone who tries not to care about what’s happening around her, but then gets thrown into it anyway.

I loved this book, I felt that it was well written, I felt invested in the characters, and I was pretty happy with everything – even the end.

I will definitely be getting book 2 as soon as I can.


E.C. Orr

Book Information:

Title: Reboot
Author: Amy Tintera
ISBN: 0062217070
Language: English
Approximate Length: 365 pages
Stars: ★★★★★
I had a hardcover with the jacket missing, gently used.


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